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Beaches Energy Customers:
$100 Credit

Clay Electric Customers:
.44 cents per sq.ft.

JEA Business Customers:
.40 cents per sq.ft. ($75,000 max)

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Residential and Commercial Window Film Solutions

Windows are an essential aspect of today's architecture; they bring warmth and life into any interior by illuminating with natural light and providing a clear view to the outside world. Unfortunately, they also let in unwelcome heat, glare and damaging ultraviolet rays and air conditioning bills increase due to the excessive heat load. Clear Impressions has the solution. To learn more about the different technologies available, click below.

Nano-Ceramic Window Films

Huper Optik heralds the window film industry into a new era with its advanced nano-technology and the world’s first and only nano-ceramic solar control films for applications in the architectural market. This worldwide-patented ceramic technology is the culmination of distinctive German research and state-of-the art production capabilities. Nano-ceramic window film is virtually transparent, allowing high daytime visibility without compromising your views at night. It is the ideal film to reduce heat and glare without changing the appearance of your home or business.

Dual-Reflective Technology

Dual reflective window films are available in a wide array of shades from the faintest stone houses, to the richest golden line designed specifically to reduce interior reflection, ensuring your filmed windows are as appealing in the day as they are at night. Dual –Reflective films have been designed to provide excellent heat, glare control, and privacy.
Clear XIR Technology

Spectrally selective window films transmit visible light and are non-reflective so they are virtually invisible on your windows. You maintain the natural appearance of your house or business day or night. There is no mirror effect or detectable change to the glass surface so your windows look clear, bright, and beautiful.

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Prevent fading of furnishings and flooring!



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