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$100 Credit

Clay Electric Customers:
.44 cents per sq.ft.

JEA Business Customers:
.40 cents per sq.ft. ($75,000 max)

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Guarantee Information for

Window Films

and Glass

Film Guarantee

All of our manufacturer's guarantee their

window film will not bubble,

peel, crack, fade, discolor, delaminate or change its appearance in any way for as long as you live in your home. They also offer an optional Transferable Warranty which would honor the new owners of you home. Commercial warranties range from 12-15 years depending on which manufacturer is chosen.

Glass Guarantee
Coverage included in the Standard Warranty (Free of Charge)

All of our manufacturer's offer 5 years coverage, from the time your window film is installed, incase of glass breakage. This gives you a $500 allowance per pane per incident just in case a window has a defect and then has a failure after the film has been installed. If this happens we would install a new glass pane and reinstall film. The only cost to you is a $25 deductible. If your glass does not have an existing manufacture warranty, you will still receive our manufacturer's 5 year glass breakage warranty. Up to 3 years seal failure coverage applies, $500 per pane per incident, when there is an existing window manufacture warranty in place. Again, only cost to you is a $25 deductible.

Quick Note: A window will only fail after window film has been applied if there was a defect in the glass pane itself to begin with. That is why seal failure and glass breakage issues are less than 1%.

No Risk Preferred Warranty Option (.75cents -$1.25 per sq.ft.)

This warranty is an option for the customer that has a

glass manufacturer's warranty

longer than the length of our warranty. The Preferred Warranty matches your current glass manufacture's warranty for the remaining length of coverage. For example, if you have a 20 year warranty, against glass breakage and seal failure, then the Preferred Warranty is a good option for you because you would lose no length of coverage. Another possible reason for choosing the Preferred Warranty is that it changes your scope of coverage from $500 per pane to $1,500-$2,000 per pane per incident depending again on the manufacturer chosen.

Explanation of Huper Optikís 15 Year Warranty Guarantee

Traditionally, window films have only carried at best a 10 year commercial warranty. The Huper Optik manufacturer has been producing state of the art technologies with films that contain silver, chromium, gold, idiom, and nano-ceramic particles. Theyíve applied their superior manufacturing technique to the high performing fusion line as well. By placing the colored material within every layer of the makeup of the film, makes the film a much more color stable material. As technology improved so did durability and longevity of the window film. So with these marked improvements there now able to extend that commercial warranty to 15 years which by the way this product in a residential application carries a lifetime warranty. Huperís fusion line has an unsurpassed optical clarity level and a very high heat control all fused together to create comfortable temperatures with a significant reduction in unwanted glare.

Our service area covers the following areas and everywhere in between: Jacksonville, Fernandina, St. Augustine, Orange Park, St. Johns, Yulee, Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, and Middleburg.

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