Dual Reflective Films

Clear Impressions offers Huper Optik's Elite Fusion Line and Madico's Sunscape Select Soft Bronze Line.

Huper Optik Fusion Films use a "fusion technology" of performance, aesthetics, neutral tones, and sustainability: providing the advantages of affordability and high heat rejection. Fusion films deliver privacy, comfort and energy efficiency year round: reducing high energy bills, preventing temperature variances and hot spots, and reflecting infrared and ultraviolet light rays. Depending on how much light, glare, and heat that needs to be controlled determines which tone is best for you.

If your home or business has the beige tones in its décor, Madico's soft bronze line may complement your style while solving your heat, fading, and glare needs. This designer window film preserves the original architectural aesthetics while preventing harmful UV rays from damaging your furnishings.